Dr. Vanessa McAllister attends TUSCULUM discussion forum on January 30, 2020

Breach of trust in the light of current jurisdiction - criminal law risks for companies and public authorities

Dr. Vanessa McAllister

Already 5 years ago, within the framework of the Tusculum Discussion Forum on Law under the title "Manager trap breach of trust?", a discussion took place about the criminal law risks, which the Supreme Courts' jurisdictions in the sensational cases of Hypo, Styrian Spirit and Libro hold for executives, managing directors and board members, as well as for mayors and public decision makers.

Although the legislator attempted to formulate the required "misuse of authority" more precisely by amending the definition of the offence of breach of trust, the jurisdiction in the Salzburg swap trial or in corruption cases known to the media as well as the discussions about the 380 kV line show that it is still difficult to distinguish between a conduct, which is subject to prosecution and one which is not. This leads to a certain degree of legal uncertainty among the parties involved - in companies, but above all, in the public sector.

Due to the amendment of the offence of breach of trust and the jurisdiction, it is therefore very important to address this current issue once again under the following title:

"Breach of trust in the light of current jurisdiction - criminal law risks for companies and public authorities"

within the framework of Tusculum – Discussion Forum on Law on January 30, 2020 at 6 pm,
Veranstaltungszentrum St. Virgil Salzburg, Ernst-Grein-Straße 14, 5026 Salzburg.

The following experts are invited:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hubert Hinterhofer 
Professor of criminal law and criminal procedural law, specialised on: Commercial and European Criminal Law, Law Faculty of the University of Salzburg

Dr. Vanessa McAllister, LLM.oec.
Attorney, Wess Kux Kispert & Eckert Rechtsanwalts GmbH