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Practice Areas

We can offer you advice in all matters of Austrian employment law and related issues, in particular those arising from corporate law. We provide you with professional support in contract drafting, judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolution and administrative (criminal) proceedings (e.g. working hours, disabled persons, etc.).

Our experienced litigators will successfully represent you before labour courts - both on the employer's side and on the employee's side - in dismissal protection suits, discrimination proceedings as well as in actions for reinstatement, salary and overtime payments.

It is important to us to achieve the best economic interest for you, which is why we are always striving after the best possible professional expertise.

Contact person: Christian Kux

The lawyers of wkk law provide services and advice to patients, doctors, hospitals, professional liability insurers, health insurers, nursing homes and charitable foundations on all matters related to medical and health law.

Legal representation in the area of medical liability law is of particular practical importance. Medical errors, wrong diagnoses, failure to assess medical findings and insufficient information are common grounds for liability.

In justified cases, we assert claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering for the aggrieved patients, but we also support medical practitioners who have to defend themselves against unjustified accusations and claims raised in that regard.

We represent the interests of the medical profession in all legal issues that may arise during the performance of their medical work. For instance, we advise medical practitioners on issues related to employment, company, tax and insurance law when setting up a legal framework. This includes, in particular, the purchase and takeover as well as the sale and handover of medical practices or the formation of joint practices.

Contact persons: Christian Kux, Bernhard Kispert

We provide advice to national and international banks in all areas of banking and capital markets law. Most notably, we also offer representation in disputes with regulatory authorities and matters bordering on criminal law.

Furthermore, we also deal with questions of securities supervision law, stock exchange (criminal) law and private banking.

We also regularly give recommendations for action to credit institutions in connection with questions of interpretation of current rulings by the Supreme Court of Justice that may be of relevance to their future strategies.

Contact persons: Georg EckertNikolaus Adensamer

Nowadays, the importance of data protection compliance is constantly increasing, especially companies have to face new challenges due to the introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In view of considerable risks of fines and damages, professional advice on the implementation of and compliance with national and international data protection regulations is highly recommended.

Our law firm wkk law has dealt intensively with the innovations of the European General Data Protection Regulation. We are therefore your competent partner in all data protection issues and support you in defining and implementing the necessary measures in your company.

Contact person: Irene Haiderer

Our experts will be pleased to assist you in all matters related to inheritance and family law. Often this not only involves drafting testamentary dispositions in the form of wills, legacies or devises, but also includes questions regarding company succession, the usefulness of setting up (family) foundations as well as questions of challenging a will and general assistance during probate proceedings.

We provide advice in the course of contentious and non-contentious divorces and dissolutions of extra-marital cohabitation. In this context, we also make maintenance and custody arrangements and deal with the division of matrimonial property.

We provide comprehensive advice on the legal consequences of marital and extra-marital cohabitation and their dissolution. This also includes the possibility of making advance agreements on matrimonial property and matrimonial savings. In addition, our experts will help you draft agreements regarding family law matters, in particular agreements regulating the matrimonial property regime and cohabitation agreements.

Arranging visitation between children and non-custodial parents is often a key issue, both for the parents and the children. It may also be necessary to make corresponding arrangements for step-parents, grandparents or foster parents. The experts of wkk law provide advice and assistance in court proceedings and in devising out-of-court arrangements.

wkk law also provides you with advice on drafting durable powers of attorney and/or advance healthcare directives, which are particularly recommended for medical emergencies, for elderly people, or in the event of the need for care. 

Contact perons: Bernhard KispertHarald Czermak

We assist our clients in all aspects of tenancy, lease and development law. We provide legal advice and support to individuals and legal entities (predominantly) acting as lessors with regard to drafting contracts and examining tenancy or lease agreements up to successfully entering into the contract. In judicial tenancy proceedings, we regularly represent one of Austria’s largest private real estate owners in its capacity as a lessor.

The lawyers of wkk law also provide advice and support on the secure handling of real estate transactions. This includes structuring the transaction, conducting the legal due diligence examination as well as drafting and negotiating transaction agreements and other transaction documents. All lawyers of wkk law are, of course, members of the electronic register of lawyers’ trusts (eATHB) of the Vienna Bar Association.

We advise and assist our clients in establishing condominium ownership, both in the course of the construction of new buildings and where existing properties are concerned. Our satisfied clients also include property developers who rely on our many years of expertise in this area.

We prepare condominium agreements, advise on issues related to the purchase of the property and the appraisal of the value of its useable floor space, and provide support throughout the process of selling the condominiums.

Contact person: Harald Czermak

The lawyers of wkklaw are regularly consulted by companies to assist in investigating (often) highly sensitive internal issues that may have a criminal dimension. In that respect, we consider ourselves as a team player and advise on, or determine, the relevant strategy for the company together with internal and/or other external consultants (auditors, forensic experts, PR agencies, internal auditing, internal legal department, management board, supervisory board, owners’ representatives, etc.). If necessary, we liaise with the law enforcement authorities in order to prevent potential and/or further damage to the company.

Over the last few years, the lawyers of wkk law have assisted well-known (leading) companies in Austria in that regard and possess exceptional expertise.
We advise and instruct executives and senior employees of companies or company departments as a matter of precaution in order to prevent criminal transgressions. 

We review and adjust existing compliance management systems (CMS) or cooperate with the company’s management and/or owners to establish a new CMS for the company.

Contact persons: Norbert WessBernhard Kispert

In the field of IP law (Intellectual Property) you can turn to wkk law for questions on all industrial property rights, such as patents, trademarks, utility models or designs. We will assist you in copyright matters and support you in trademark applications as well as in proceedings in order to defend already existing rights.

We also advise you on all matters relating to competition law and examine arising implications of planned transactions. Due to our outstanding expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, we can offer you legal advice regarding the matters of unfair commercial practices and cartel law.

Contact persons: Georg EckertIrene Haiderer

We offer our legal services not only to media companies but also to private individuals and legal entities and we focus on all areas of media law (print and radio, television, internet, etc.) including representation before courts. Our lawyers will advise you on how to protect your personal rights and your economic interests and support you in lawsuits and in case of written warnings.

Our clients can rely on many years of experience and legal expertise relating to so-called "new" media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc). The increasing importance of these (online) media and the rapid development of social media channels present new challenges for both private individuals and companies. Today, the correct handling of information and the transfer and use of data is more important than ever. We therefore also advise you on conceptualizing, implementing and further developing your social media presence as well as on assessing whether your previous activities are in line with already existing legal standards.

Contact person: Markus Machan

Due to our Multi Family Office, we are able to offer legal advice to wealthy individuals, families, foundations and domestic and foreign clients in all matters of asset protection, asset analysis and investment, selection and reporting. Our service also includes activities in connection with reputation management, family constitution, security measures and the resolution of conflicts within the family. We work together with a well-established network of external advisors, asset managers and banking institutions.

We can offer many years of experience as trustees and our legal experts are recognised as trustworthy third parties in sensitive legal areas. Furthermore, we represent our clients in a wide variety of legal bodies and in the acquisition and management of art and other trophy assets as well as in investments, where discretion, special knowledge and a reliable network of international partners are required.

We provide our services in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain and South America. We work in German, English, French and Italian.

Contact person: Harald Czermak

Our litigation department can look back on many years of experience in advising and representing clients as plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits before state courts. In this context, the main focus of our work is on complex legal disputes over issues related to commercial, labour and company law as well as family law, inheritance law and the law of damages. We conduct proceedings for banks and insurance companies as well as for or against domestic and foreign groups of companies and SMEs.

We cover the entire spectrum of commercial law and help our clients to assess risks and opportunities right from the start. Our capacities in terms of personnel and the technical infrastructure of our firm also enable us to take on investor lawsuits where a great number of individual cases must be dealt with.

We aim to achieve the best solution for our clients from a financial point of view and to go further than merely representing them in the proceedings by providing comprehensive advice and support in terms of an overall strategy. We therefore also assist our clients in a professional and flexible manner in negotiating and drawing up amicable solutions.

We can rely on outstanding expertise in the area of business and company law. One of our partners is regularly asked to act in national and international arbitration proceedings in this field.

Contact persons: Bernhard KispertChristian KuxGeorg Eckert

Our law firm is very careful to ensure that the lawyers of wkk law have in-depth training and expertise in all civil-law matters. No case and no question of interpretation in that regard is too small for us to tackle, as it is usually those cases or questions that form the basic tools of our judicial work. 

We represent clients in connection with claims for damages (e.g. traffic accidents, product defects, warranty claims and more) both in and out of court or fend off unjustified claims in our clients’ interest. 

However, we also advise numerous SMEs based on long-term assignments on all questions of civil law and, if required, provide complex legal opinions in that regard.

Contact persons: Bernhard KispertChristian Kux

The lawyers of wkk law share a special passion for sports. Right from the start, our firm therefore made an effort to combine this hobby with our professional work.

We have come to represent and advise a large number of amateur and professional sportspeople as well as clubs and associations on all matters of sports and events law. One of our partners has been a member of the disciplinary committee of the Austrian Federal Football League (ÖFBL) for more than 10 years.

We produce publications in this field and give presentations, e.g. at the ÖFBL Sports Management Academy.

Contact persons: Norbert WessChristian Kux

In the area of business and company law, wkk law’s clients can be sure to receive swift and competent advice and representation. Our team of legal experts ensures optimal support in issues related to restructurings, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and complex questions of business or company law as well as in disputes both in- and outside the court.  

If desired and necessary, the wkk law team can also assemble an interdisciplinary team of consultants (cooperation partners, tax advisers, auditors) in case of more complex transactions. 

One of our partners also teaches as a professor at the Institute of Company and Taxation Law of the University of Innsbruck. His research has always focussed particularly on national and international company law. He is a prominent researcher, author and lecturer in this field.

Contact persons: Georg EckertNikolaus Adensamer

wkklaw has specialized in this legal field for many years and has been among Austria’s top law firms in all areas of commercial and corruption criminal law. Our services cover traditional criminal defence across all areas of criminal law relating to offences against property and corruption, including financial criminal proceedings, where we provide legal advice and support particularly to current or former executives of well-known companies in Austria. The lawyers of wkk law also represent Austrian companies that are being prosecuted or held liable by the law enforcement authorities in relation to the Criminal Responsibility of Legal Entities Act (Verbandsverantwortlichkeitsgesetz) or as potentially liable parties in criminal proceedings. 

However, our firm also regularly represents companies and individuals involved in judicial criminal proceedings as private parties joining criminal proceedings as civil claimants. In this capacity, civil claims are asserted by means of ancillary proceedings as early as in the criminal proceedings, where they are considered on their merits and (ideally) also granted. This allows the relevant injured party to save a significant amount of costs and time, as lengthy civil litigation can be avoided.

The law firm’s size, our technical infrastructure and our expertise accumulated over the years enable us to handle even complex, high-profile and exceptionally large-scale proceedings to our clients’ fullest satisfaction. 

One of our partners is the (co-)editor of the Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Finanzstrafrecht (Journal for Commercial and Financial Criminal Law). We regularly publish specialist articles in this field and give presentations at professional events.

Contact persons: Norbert WessBernhard Kispert