Risk minimization within the company is a major objective of compliance; especially to avoid economic damages, personal detriments and negative reporting on the company. We review and adjust existing compliance management systems (CMS) or cooperate with the company’s management and/or owners to establish a new CMS for the company. This involves identifying both sector- and company-specific risks, assessing inefficiencies in already existing practices and developing effective measures to mitigate potential risks.

As part of compliance audits, wkk law's legal experts comprehensively assess existing compliance measures and company practices to ensure that relevant regulations are met. In case of an emerging need for intervention due to a concrete risk within the company, we cooperate with key persons in charge to develop and further implement effective and approporiate countermeasures.

Complex decision-making processes may entail liability risks for the company's executive bodies in charge. Wkk law provides legal support throughout the decision-making process, including proper preparation and legally compliant documentation. We train executives and employees on all corporate hierarchical levels as a matter of precaution in order to provide the necessary expertise and legal knowledge for a risk-oriented handling of business operations and to prevent criminal transgressions in general.

Contact persons: Felix Ruhmannseder, Norbert WessBernhard Kispert