Linking Science and Applied Practice

Attorney Dr Norbert Wess, together with Univ.-Prof Dr Alois Birklbauer, held the seminar "Current Issues in Criminal Procedure Law“ at the JKU Linz on 21st of June 2021 and 22ne of June 2021.

Attorney Dr Norbert Wess held the seminar „Current Issues in Criminal Procedure Law" at the JKU Linz together with Univ.-Prof Dr Alois Birklbauer.

This course pursued the goal of the greatest possible linking of academia and applied practice: The concept of this course was that at the beginning of the semester, the students would choose a topic from criminal law practice, which they would work on with the support of their supervisors in the course of the semester and which they would subsequently expand upon to become their theses.

The topics ranged from the (potential) need to reform legal procedures when conveying information from court hearings by using a news ticker and parallel investigations during criminal proceedings to taking a closer look at parliamentary investigative committees. The preliminary results of this effort were recently presented in a public lecture at JKU Linz. The commitment of the students was impressive and the feedback extremely positive, so that this successful cooperation between academia and applied practice can be expected to continue.

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