Liability of chief executives and managing directors

Chief executives and managing directors are responsible for compliance with a wide range of legal obligations and regulations. The liability risks to which they are exposed are hardly manageable.

The handbook provides you with a practical overview of the existing civil, corporate and labour law framework of personal liability and of all major areas of responsibility, such as insolvency law, (administrative) criminal law, data protection law, tax law and social security law.

The section dealing with criminal law was written by Attorney Mag Markus Machan.

Among others, the following topics are dealt with in detail:
• Internal and external liabilities,
• (Due diligence) duties of managing directors, Business Judgement Rule and liability norms in the Austrian Limited Liability Company Act (GmbHG),
• Consequences under labour law in case of liability and applicability of the Austrian Employee Liability Act (DHG),
• Liability-reducing measures: proper design of employment contracts, insurance solutions, compliance etc.,
• Assertion of liabilities of managing directors, questions of evidence and the liability process including arbitration proceedings,
• Administrative, commercial and financial criminal proceedings.

Important legal amendments of the last few years, including the practice of authorities and courts, are explained in detail: e.g. Business Judgement Rule, white-collar crime, GDPR.
Numerous examples, practical tips and valuable information are provided.

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