Handbook Shareholder Dispute - Orientation for Beginners, Detailed Questions for Pros

Wkk-law partner Nikolaus Adensamer is co-editor and author of the Handbook on Shareholder Disputes published by Verlag Österreich. Other authors are partner Norbert Wess and wkk-law attorneys Sebastian Wöss and Maximilian Breisch with contributions on liability issues and assurance of accuracy of information by the board of directors and supervisory board, as well as on the fiduciary duty of members.


The Handbook Shareholder Dispute offers the first fundamental approach to this complex subject matter in Austria and is a valuable addition for the interested practitioner.

Orientation for Beginners, Detailed Questions for Pros

The handbook by partner Nikolaus Adensamer and attorney DDr. Johannes Mitterecker LL.M. (Columbia) supports the introduction to the subject of shareholder disputes, offers orientation and initial assistance. In addition, it also provides access to detailed questions in this area for technically experienced practitioners.

Your advantages at a glance

- Imparting legal, business management, psychological and interdisciplinary skills

- Assistance in analysing the legal and economic interests of the stakeholders concerned

- Development of successful strategies for the avoidance or settlement of shareholder disputes

Shareholder disputes are complex. It is a sensitive and legally demanding matter which, in addition to a profound understanding of a wide range of legal areas, requires above all strategic skill and a very intimate relationship with the shareholders involved.

The authors - among them partner Norbert Wess and attorneys Maximilian Breisch and Sebastian Wöss - have many years of practical and academic experience and contribute well-founded knowledge on issues ranging from corporate, capital market and tax law to litigation PR to this handbook.

For whom?

The work is primarily aimed at practitioners: lawyers, chartered accountants and tax advisors, notaries, judges, in-house lawyers, shareholders, managing directors and supervisory board members.

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